How the imaginative renovation of a flat in a converted Victorian Baptist church added ?200k in value

It might not be the most common way to wake up, but Davis was able to make the most of the money he had left over to renovate the space and increase its value. The flat was recently revalued to?675,000. “It was an absolute bargain, and it only happened at the very last moment. He says that luck was on his side. The master bedroom with glass walls
Adrian Lourie “I have a passion in interior design and have studied product design so I believe I have an eye for these things. But, I could be wrong!” Davis says. Davis says, “I bought the flat in 2018, and I began work on it in May 2020. This was literally when the pandemic was at its peak. My dog, my builders, and I stayed in my house for almost a year. They did an amazing job on my last house. They are so talented — they are plumbers, decorators, builders, and they are also plumbers. “The open-plan living space
Adrian Lourie
Adrian Lourie Davis says, “I love his style and his colors bring me so much joy.” “I try to have a lot black art and have a lot diversity in my collection. “Among the artworks are a graffiti toucan by Pico Favelado from Brazil and a painting that recalls Davis by American artist B Moore. A treasured portrait painted in Yvadney Davis’s memory (, was a precious gift Davis’ sister Yvadney Davis to lift his spirits during a locked-down. He recalls that he was feeling down and his sister suggested she would do something for him.
/ Yvadney Davis The spacious living area is filled with a variety of furniture. A Hay sofa and a boucl from Denmark are two examples of the handsome furniture. An armchair that was found in a vintage shop is used as seating in the lounge. Davis says, “I love everything.” “I visit a lot of vintage markets, and I’m always in Crystal Palace’s antique shop. Practical items, such as the vintage-style wooden rowing boat and wall-mounted bike storage have been carefully blended into decoration. Downstairs Davis has chosen black and the deepest shades of green to counter the space-making white. His goal was to recreate the feeling he felt when he first saw the flat, and capture that feeling for his guests. It’s a trick that adds maximum impact to the main attraction. Downstairs is painted cocooning.
Adrian Lourie Davis agrees. Davis says, “That was the feeling I had when i came here. It’s an amazing space. “The bathrooms have been remodeled and the bedrooms redecorated with small, space-saving sliding doors. “Pockets are amazing because they save so many space,” Davis says. He also used brass and wooden accents throughout the floor to bring the space together, along with a selection artworks and mementos, such as a branding template for ice cream parlours. Davis says that the room is from the Eighties and reminds him of his childhood trips to Margate and Brighton. It’s currently obscured by items that have been removed from the rest the flat. This is a reminder that every home with a well-curated interior has a storage cupboard.
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“I put so much effort in this room — it’s really awesome when I haven’t got all this junk in it!” He jokes that he needs to cleanse the house and Marie Kondo it. This was despite a frustrating period of price rises and material delays caused by the pandemic. He says, “I’m really happy.” “I loved being creative, but it was a long process. My builders have amazing craftsmanship.