How do I find out if the home I want to buy is in a safe neighbourhood?

Question: How do I tell if this is a safe neighbourhood?Answer: This has become a really important question in the current climate.You can check local crime figures on websites like, but statistics can be misleading.If your postcode includes a high street, for example, it could well be that a lot of the crimes reported are shoplifting, pickpocketing, and pub fights. Oxford Street has one of the highest levels of thefts in London, but far fewer when it comes to burglary, violent crime, and bike and car thefts. Lynda Clark, CEO at First Time Buyer Group, said that you should walk around your new neighborhood at all times of the day and night. “Talk to the people in your area and ask them about their experiences living there. Visit the local shop and then take the bus or train into town. She agreed with Fenton: “There is no better method to find out than spending some quality time in the area after dark to see its true colors.” It is also worth looking for the local Facebook group in your area to ask people if they feel safe walking around at night. This question was sent in by Jonny Dyson (Director of Winkworth’s Ealing & Acton offices).