Grand Designs’ The Streets: Pioneering couple build a ranch house in Glasgow

Joanna and Ben, a pioneering couple, built their ranch house on the new self-build street in Glasgow. Ben says, “It’s an house that will throw your out into the wilderness,” even though the canalside location is only two miles from the city center. The couple set out to create a home that embodies their rustic rural passions. The presenter claims that it is spreading across the country. In November 2019, Glasgow City Council launched Scotland’s first urban self build project. Joanna managed the project and Craig, a carpenter, did everything else. “We make everything ourselves so if there are any changes to the room sizes, Ben is able to change them. Joanna says that he is free. The pair obtained a self-build mortgage for GBP170,000, with GBP30,000 spent on pouring the foundations. Co-presenter Natasha Huq, a local architect, says that their ambitions far exceed their budget. However, the pair were able to save on costs like scaffolding and other labor by using Ben’s coworker who is also a climber. The episode features a timber-framed house made of native Douglas Fir. They used large sections of wood to build the house and then pegged them together to ensure it was structurally stable. McCloud calls the frame’s size and strength “epic.” McCloud describes the lodge’s size and solidity as “epic.” The lodge was then wrapped with modern insulation. The open-plan kitchen is located at one end. It is under a double-height ceiling and has a living area that overlooks the garden. A wall of glass faces south, and there is a wooden staircase leading to the first level. Other touch-and go moments include running out concrete for the screed flooring. However, the biggest worry was that they were the only street site where construction had occurred as they neared completion. Joanna says that they feel isolated for being the first to complete what was supposed to be a community project. McCloud and Huq arrive on a warm wooden stoop to view the completed projects. They are then welcomed into the double-height kitchen, which McCloud describes as “cathedral-like”, with the timber frame and pegs completely exposed. He said, “We could be anywhere,” adding that “Glasgow already has its first American ranch.” “As the architects return to their home, they see work starting on the next-door plots. Joanna said that she was glad to see machinery instead of complaining about their neighbourhood’s building. McCloud sums it all. He says, “The spirit and generosity of this welcoming home is worthy to this pioneering street.” Joanna and Ben’s home is certain to be the first frontier in self-build in Glasgow. Grand Designs: The Streets series 2 airs on Channel 4 at 9pm on Wednesday nights.