Dutch barge with mooring near Tower Bridge for sale for less than the current owners spent renovating it

A Dutch sailing barge, moored near Tower Bridge, is up for sale for GBP975,000. It was transformed from a single-family home to three bedrooms by a couple who worked in the financial sector. They have since moved to Devon from London. Three cabins, two bathrooms, and reception areas were fitted with custom cabinetry over 18 months. The barge was originally built by SRF shipbuilders in Holland. After the work was completed, the 31-metre-long barge was launched across the North Sea to her permanent docking at Wapping’s community-run Hermitage MOorings. Ms. Cooper said that the Hermitage Moorings community is exceptional, and was created by residents for residents to moor their boats. Large property developers are now able to buy and sell homes along the river, which means that rents are increasing and the bohemian culture of those who live on these boats is being lost. Cooper says that the home’s highly sought-after permanent mooring is GBP511 per month, including some utilities. Cooper also mentions that a daytime concierge is available for the benefit of the large community of mostly professional workers. It’s a wonderful place to live. “READ MOREThe only way is up: how our roof extension led to planning permission for the whole street. “READ MOREThe only path to success: How our roof extension led us to planning permission for the entire street. London: ‘We traded one and a quarter bedrooms in London for a house near the sea and made GBP200k.’ Conran inspired: How to achieve the ’90s warehouse look in your home. Although there are limited marine mortgage lenders and legal professionals, it can be difficult to obtain a loan. Boats are exempt from stamp duty.