Don’t Move, Improve! 2022 winners: former Sixties ‘squat’ on The Dulwich Estate named house of the year

A Sixties terraced house that once looked like a “squat” on The Dulwich estate was named the house of year by New London Architecture (NLA). It has won the Overall Winner award for NLA’s Don’t Move Improve! The 2022 awards were announced last night. Williams and her partner spent?220,000 to extend the front and convert the attic. They also opened up the downstairs. The children can enjoy the clay-rendered concrete breakfast bars (which Williams calls a giant tongue), and then look out into the open-plan living area through the glazed rear. The second floor now houses a master bedroom suite. It was described by Coffey Architects’ Phil Coffey, TV presenter Kunele barker, and Whitby Wood, engineers, as elegant and stylish. Wood said that this house felt like a home we could all live in and the improvements we all could make. Wood said that it was the embodiment of Don’t Move, Improve. This award went to Church Road, which was designed by RUFF ARCHITECTS. It was a low-slung timber-frame home that was extended while maintaining a sense of timelessness. Paul Ruff, architect, said that each space has been carefully designed to reach out and interact with the existing mature landscape and the ancient oaks which provide an impression of timelessness. The house’s front facade concealed the extent of its architectural interventions to the rear and internal. This project made me smile. Kunle Barker said, “It was a lot.”