Cladding crisis: ?5bn pot to make buildings safe has funded just 12 cladding removals

Latest government statistics show that 3,191 buildings with non-composite material cladding (1,840 in London) had been registered with the fund by the end of November. The latest government statistics show that 3,191 buildings using non-composite material (of which 1,840 in London) were registered with the fund by November.
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Only 197 private buildings with non-composite materialcladding have been approved. The fund has allocated?549.8million. Buildings with composite or non-composite panels have received 41 additional approvals and a total of?70.2 millions. The November allocation was?68m. Cladding Consulting’s Cladding Consulting remediation expert James Hollins said that applicants face a “huge array of obstacles” in securing funding. He also stated that they are unable sell their homes or remortgage their houses due to rising insurance costs. One application for leaseholders in Islington took 12 month to get partial eligibility status from the fund for the $4.5 million of remediation work. The problem with the fund is that it does not have a named contact, but a generic email address, making it difficult to pursue applications. In the coming weeks, proposals to make it easier for homeowners to fix their “death trap” houses and sell them up if they wish to will be made. The expedited remediation work will be funded by an additional slug of Treasury cash as well as an extra levy from major developers. A department spokesperson said that “We’re spending over?5 billion to make buildings safer. With 97 per cent identified high-rise residential buildings with unsafe aluminium composite siding in 2020, either fully fixed or under construction.” Despite many building owners not providing the required information, we have processed more than 700 applications to the Building Safety Fund.