BRIT Awards host Mo Gilligan’s guide to the south London area where you can ‘feel the community’

Peckham’s community is what I love the most. It is like being in a bubble. You can see, feel, and smell the community. I used to go to fancy areas with large houses, but there was no community. My mum, two sisters and I grew up in a housing estate. Everyone looked out for one another, which was wonderful. Everyone looks out for each other. You can always go to your neighbor and borrow a cup from him. It’s a bit like Brooklyn in New York. But it will always be famous. It has a name.
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There are many chicken shops in the area. Morley’s is a great choice for wings and chips. The branch is located near New Cross station and offers late-night food. It is a top-notch restaurant. It opens Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until about 5AM. It’s my favorite place in London to get late-night food. I also know the owner. He caters for friends and family when they are around, so the food is amazing. He makes amazing sweet and sour sauce and cheese chicken wings. For dessert, he makes a custard-strewn cake.
/ Daniel Lynch. If I lived in Hollywood, and was a star, I would order Morley’s. There is also The Fox on the Hill pub which is very nice. Ruskin Park is the opposite. They have a huge garden. I have been going to the gym since I was a child. It’s easy to forget that not everyone can afford to go the gym. You don’t need a subscription to a gym. You can exercise for free, and there are places in the parks that have push-up bars and other equipment. You can find a lot of people using them. For a culture fix, you can immerse yourself in Peckham High Street. There are many shops there, from tailors making clothes to hair salons. Peckham Plex is London’s best cinema and the only independent cinema in London. It’s cheap and you can see any type of film. Students and hipsters who attend Camberwell College of Arts also go to Franks. It is pink inside, and you can see all of London from the roof. If you’re single, this is the place to go. There are also live events.
/ Daniel LynchI would love to commune with nature. I would recommend Burgess Park. It is centrally located, but you can cycle through it. There is always something happening there. There are often music festivals. There are many markets in Peckham. There are many markets in Peckham where you can find fruit and vegetables that aren’t available elsewhere. There are many fishmongers and butchers on the high street. Red or Green Snapper is very popular in Jamaican Caribbean communities. The fishmonger cuts, skins, and washes it. You drive a lot. I used to take public transport everywhere, but I find it easier to drive. I pick up and drop off boxes everywhere I go. The Tube is my favorite mode of transport. I love being close to the doors so you can feel the breeze. Because it’s so fast, the Jubilee line is my favorite. It’s hell. It’s hardcore.Bellenden Road
/ Daniel LynchDream streetBellenden road is really nice. These are beautiful townhouses that are huge. It is now way too expensive. It’s now known as Bellenden Village. Also nearby is Dulwich Village, where the houses are of top quality. It would be a shame to move there as I would be too visible. However, it is a place you can walk around and wonder who lives in the houses. We would trick or treat at Halloween as children and go to them to get money. Residents would give out?10 notes. Something you only see in Peckham. There were portraits of all the famous Peckham residents displayed behind a bus stop on Peckham Hill Street. I think that is so iconic. These portraits of important people and beautiful pictures could be seen on your way to school or work and you would be reminded who is from Peckham. It’s beautiful. But, what’s the catch? It’s too expensive, like many other places in zone 2 London. Many of the people who grew-up in the area cannot afford to live there anymore. The worst thing about this is that people are being priced out of their neighborhood. Community. Iconic.Comedian Mo Gilligan stars in Purplebricks’ new ad, Let’s Get You Sold. SchoolsThere are many primary schools in Peckham that have been rated Outstanding or Good or both by Ofsted, including East Peckham Primary School, Harris Primary Free School and John Donne Primary School. Harris Academy is Good and The St Thomas the Apostle College are both excellent options for secondary education.