What Size should an Overmantle Mirror Be?

what size should an overmantle mirror be

Many homeowners aspire to create an elegant focal point in all their interior spaces. The living room and fireplace are the most popular spaces for makeovers since people spend most of their time there. An overmantle mirror complements the fireplace, turning it into one of the visually appealing areas in your home. Overmantle mirrors are available either in contemporary or traditional styles, allowing you to choose depending on your taste and home décor. 

What is the Best Overmantle Mirror Size for the Fireplace?

There are numerous mirror designs with various materials (wood, MDF, plastic) to choose from. The most common size for a fireplace mirror is 18” x 24”, while 24” x 36” is suitable for medium mirror size. If your fireplace is bigger, consider larger mirror sizes ranging from 36” x 42”, 36” x 48”, and 42” x 54”.

Antique Overmantle Mirror 1615 — Holyrood Architectural Salvage

You can customize the designer mirror for your fireplace mantle with a fitting piece. However, finding the exact mirror size with a frame that perfectly fits your fireplace can be hectic. Customizing is better since you will get the precise mirror size you want and choose a design that impresses you.

You need to measure the fireplace’s width and ensure that the mirror is not bigger than the fireplace. The measurement prevents upsetting the balance of your room. After that, measure the fireplace’s height and double it to get the right mirror height to fit the area above the fireplace. You can place another mirror opposite the fireplace for dancing flames and glowing firelight for an impactful entrance to the room.

Choosing the Right Overmantle Mirror Style

Styles and designs create a distinctive vintage look in a room and the fireplace style determines the overmantle mirror’s style to use. There are dozens of designs and styles to choose from for your overmantle mirror.


  • Victorian fireplaces feature an arch around the fire and are well complemented with round or arched mirrors. 
  • The French-style fireplaces perfectly match broad, minimal designs with simpler frames for an appealing and enhancing effect. 
  • Georgian fireplaces with either square shape or straight lines look more remarkable when paired with decorated mirrors and frames.

Tips for Hanging Mirrors Above the Fireplace

The way you hang or place your mirror over the fireplace determines how beautiful your room will be. For an exceptional look, use the following tips to hang mirrors above your fireplace:-

Balance the Mirror Size and the Mantle’s Width

Your mirror size needs to be 2/3 the mantle’s width. It determines the correct way to hang your mirror. Hanging the mirror vertically will make the wall look taller, but it appears wider by hanging it horizontally.

Add attachment basics

To get a visual appeal of your space, ensure you add a frame around the mirror. A rustic mirror is the most ideal if you want to add warmth and texture to your interiors. The good thing is that the frames come in various colours, sizes, and shapes, allowing you to choose depending on your needs and preferences. You can select the hardware attachment based on the mirror’s weight and wall type. For example, hanging your mirror on “J” hooks is the most suitable way if you have drywall. You can drill holes and insert metal or plastic anchors into them if you have a brick wall.

Use Different Mirror Shapes

Different mirror shapes give your mantle a magnificent look. For example, an oval-shaped mirror brings an extra-ordinary dimension compared to a conventional mirror. However, you don’t have to get overboard with the mirror shape. Be as conservative and geometric as possible.

Make Use of Felt Pads

Felt pads are ideal when attaching the wooden frame’s back of the mirror. It prevents dark marks on the wall caused by the stained wooden frames when you take down the mirror.

Things You Need to Avoid When Installing an Overmantle Mirror

Don’t place the mirror too high

For best practical use, ensure you don’t position your mirror very high above the fireplace. If you place it too high, it might reflect the doorway, bare wall, or ceiling, depleting its artistic appeal.

Avoid tilting the mirror over the mantle

When hanging your mirror, ensure you don’t tilt it over the mantle to prevent creating an awkward view.

Avoid hanging a chandelier together with an uncovered bulb

A mirror over the fireplace that reflects bright chandelier lights can cause glare to your eyes. You can use a rustic mirror for a perfect complement to your vintage-style lights.

Final Thoughts

Adding a serene touch to your interior spaces enhances their appearance. The fireplace is one of the exceptional places to add elegance. With the above guidelines, tips, and tricks, you can now have an overmantle mirror for the contemporary look of your house.