Serviced Offices: Does Your Business Need One?

There is nothing more stressful or time-consuming for growing businesses or start-ups as building or looking for office space, furnishing it, and making it ready for use. This process can take a long time to complete, especially if you are starting from scratch. However, this does not have to be the case if you go for a serviced office. Over the past few years, we have seen serviced offices become very popular. Businesses and organisations choose to go for these offices because they have numerous advantages, as highlighted in this article.

What is a serviced office?

 Serviced offices are fully furnished office spaces that are ready for occupation. The office comes equipped with all the amenities and tools needed in an office environment. Sometimes, serviced offices can be shared spaces in one building hosting different businesses. These offices may have meeting rooms, maintenance workers, and even a reception area with a team to guide visitors around. The demand for serviced office space has skyrocketed in 2021 as businesses adapt to the new way of operating as lockdown restrictions are lifted.

 Even though serviced offices are very popular, most businesses are reluctant to adopt them as they are slightly more expensive than the typical offices. It is okay if a business decides to go for a traditional office set-up, but to enjoy efficiency, proper management, and flexible office space, serviced offices are the recommended workspaces for both growing and start-up businesses or organisations.

What makes serviced offices a good idea for your business?

Serviced offices don’t require time to set up

 If you already have an office, you must be aware of the challenges of finding an office space and sourcing office furniture. Since these offices are ready for use when you rent them, an organisation saves its time since they don’t have to go around looking for office equipment and other amenities required in an office.

 With all the requirements of an office like desks, phone lines, and the internet already set up, an organisation or can resume its business operations immediately. Even to companies that are just starting up, serviced offices are advantageous as they will just get in and get back to work since they can’t afford to miss vital calls or miss out on clients when setting up an office.

Can accommodate a company’s growth

If a business or organisation grows or reduces in size, the serviced office providers will give you options that will help facilitate any situation. In case of growth with new hires, they can arrange your move to a larger office space without losing any working hours as you will always find what you need in the new office workspace. The same thing is done if you have to cut or downsize the business or the organisation. For example, Space2B offer serviced office spaces in Cardiff, South Wales, and their agreements allow for businesses to increase and decrease the amount of office space required as frequently as they like. This setup is ideal for businesses that operate seasonally and tend to have quiet periods during the year.

Equipped with all the useful services essential in an office environment

Serviced offices provide tenants with essentials like bookable meeting rooms, a reception desk with a working receptionist and even maintenance staff for cleaning up the office space. This saves the business the time for looking for all these workers. In addition to the services, other utilities required by a company or business like the internet, electricity and telephone services are all installed and paid for by the landlord and included in the monthly rent. This ensures you don’t have to deal with individual providers who may have additional charges that you hadn’t planned for.

Ensure the team remains productive

Serviced offices give the team a private working space that ensures everyone remains focused on their job. This can bring a boost in morale since everyone wants to give the effort just like the rest.

Also, to boost productivity, most owners or landlords will have food and beverage vendors allowed on the premises, thus giving employees in the serviced offices an easy option of getting their meals in one place without stepping outside the premises. Providers will also ensure that additional services like the internet are top-notch, ensuring you have everything you need to serve your clients better.

Provide the professionalism required in an office

Since the purpose of making serviced offices is to create an efficient and flexible office space, these offices are well equipped with all facilities needed in an office, thus giving your business that professional edge from the moment you rent or lease it. In addition to this, you are provided with conference and meeting rooms, areas to network and come up with ideas, and projectors and graph boards that facilitate your work. Also, with the premise provider hiring receptionists to handle visitors, mail and even calls, visitors will realise how serious and professional the business is.

Final thoughts

From this article, it is clear that all businesses stand a chance of benefiting more from this office workspace layout. Therefore, businesses need to adapt to having serviced offices to improve how they work in terms of professionalism and productivity.