Glass Extensions: What is Structural Glazing

Building and construction have been for many years the backbone of urbanisation. Furthermore, when it comes to the construction of modern structures, competition has been very stiff for most of the architectures. Despite of all the challenges facing the sector, using glass extensions in construction has been a way to solve the problem related to housing.

What are Glass Extensions?

glass extensions

Are you looking for material to make your new house? Making this decision might be hectic since there are many factors to consider before settling down on one decision. Some of the areas that might face these issues include the space area (the location where you will put your structure), available funds (amount of money needed to make the structure you dream of) or the materials that you might need.

On the matter of materials to use, you can consider using glass extensions. These are structural materials used in housing; perhaps most modern houses have embraced the use of these materials to come up with new modern designs in architecture. These materials have proven to be efficient in many ways. Before discussing some of the advantages of putting these extensions, you first have to get a clue of what these structures are.

Glass extensions are frameless glass units that are supported with beams and fins. Moreover, they are modern conservatories which help to create more room to live in. as much as they are contemporary build option, they always make a striking-good design.

Do the extensions need planning permission?

Putting up glass extensions does not need you to have a plan in order to put up the structure. House planners have an easy move when it comes to constructing stylish structures. To add to this, they have the sense of putting a dominant and vibrant feel to your home.

Is it expensive to put up these structures?

These extensions not only make the place look stylish but also are a form of getting a plan b in terms of housing. You can get access to them under the budget. It is possible that if you are still looking for a way to get good housing, you are able to get something that you have always dreamed of at a market price.

Advantages of Glass Extensions

The big question that most people ask themselves is that what is the idea behind getting these structures? Or what do you get out of making this kind of installation? In this section, you will see why getting one of these can prove to be helpful.

They are warm

The level of warmth is always a concern, as people have the notion that since it is only made of glass, it is very slim and therefore it can let cold in easily. However, they are very reliable when it comes to temperature regulation. These extensions are made of silicone which is tough and can withstand low temperatures.

They are stylish

With the modern architectural age, who does not like living in a sophisticated place? These structures have the sense of making the place look lively and eye-catching. These structures show reliability and satisfaction on self interests when it comes to the designs.

No use of metal frames

Metals frames may seem to be costly when one decides that they want to use them. The good news is that you do not have to use them anymore since the extensions only use the beams and fins. Sometimes the concern with the metal frames is that they may seem heavy at times and on most occasions dangerous structures to put around your kids.

What is structural glazing?

Have you ever come across a building that is made of glass but at the same time has a design you cannot get your eyes off? This kind of design in buildings is called structural glazing in that the glass is integral to the building’s design. These methods involve the installation of huge glass panels in that they add some weight to the building structure.

Advantages of Structural glazing

As far as most buildings seem to embrace these structures, there are many advantages associated with structural glazing. Here are some of the reasons why most architects are using this design.

Global recourses that have local support

Silicone is a substance that can be easily found anywhere in the world. This fact will make things easier when it comes to the structural development of buildings. Furthermore, no matter which part of the world you are located in, you have the capacity to get in contact with the material.

Reliable supply

There is always no need that when you start making a structure, you become frustrated in the middle of construction in that the resource becomes scares. Silicone on the other hand is readily available and you can obtain it in years coming.

Helps in eco-friendly construction

The world is headed to a place where everything that is constructed should be well under the guidelines of the united nations to save the environment. Only silicone-based structures are the choice to pick since they make a good eco-footprint of construction materials. Moreso, these buildings help in improving the health and safety of the building occupants.

Easy to be a Global project coordination

When many countries embrace this kind of constructions it will become easier to manage since they can be easy to put up.


Construction sometimes can prove to be really tricky since there are so many designs that people would like to choose and in this case use many resources. However, structural glazing has proven to be the best way to construct your house.