Benefits of a Collapsible Water Container for Emergency Survival

what is an onion tank

Worried about how to store water in case of an emergency or when out on an excursion? Try the onion collapsible water tanks. They are the best option whether you are out on a camp or outdoor activities. Besides, they custom fit to suit your needs and you can tuck them away when not in use. Large tanks hold gallons of water that you can use on the farm or in an emergency.

Collapsible water tanks

Collapsible tanks are bladder vessels in various shapes made from plastic and are essential in water storage. Onion tanks serve a lot of roles and are now popular for everyday activities. Furthermore, most humanitarian organisations opt for emergency water storage tanks as they are easy to handle and set up quickly.

Why the onion tanks

Onion tanks are a good option when you need a collapsible water container that is self-supporting and quick to store water in an emergency. The high-frequency welding on the seams is an advantage. They can hold a significant amount of water with zero seepage.

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Additionally, they come in different sizes, meaning you have options. “They are the best in emergency response and can be the difference between life and death”, says Cintec International, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of water-filled emergency structures.

Here are some of the key benefits a collapsible water tank delivers:


Collapsible tanks accurately work with space. You can easily set them up and disassemble them. Once empty, they lay flat. You can easily roll them and keep them. Also, in emergencies, they are the perfect emergency water storage tanks to select. They are reliable, lightweight, they take little room and you can move around with them.


Onion tanks come in quality fabric depending on the amount of water they can hold. Collapsible water containers are flexible and you can store them without the worry of rot or mildew. Some have a groundsheet to give extra protection. Furthermore, the fabric resists any wear, tear, or puncture. You can use it for a long period.

Collapsible tanks are low maintenance. You can easily clean and repair it if need be.


Collapsible water tanks are environmentally friendly. You can reuse them for a long period without any microbial attack. Rather use this type of tank than the water bottles that are disposable after a short period of use.

A collapsible tank for water has a black layer to sieve and block any UV lights. That makes your water algae-free and safe to drink. Besides, they are modest to use on your farm during the dry season. They are sizeable enough to hold gallons of water.


When you want to travel or go out to camp, remember collapsible water containers are multipurpose. You can conveniently get water from any available spigot to your camp place. If you are on a hike and it is hot, they can double up as ice packs.

Furthermore, you are not at risk of hurting yourself. When not in use, you can easily collapse it and store it.


Most onion tanks are self-supporting, have floating collars and low profile. This gives them ultimate stability and minimal preparation or filling. Also, the inside handles give you room to lift when cleaning easily.

Available onion tanks

Collapsible water tanks are perfect if you live in rugged terrain. You can easily install it yourself and the open top allows its use as a settlement tank. Humanitarian agencies prefer them as they can deploy and relocate them quickly.Flexible Water Tanks | Flexitanks | Collar Dam | Floating Collar Tanks

However, onion tanks come in various fits and capacities. You can ask for custom collapsible tanks depending on your situation. They have various specifications due to the various capacities and duration of water storage. There is:

  • High side onion tank
  • Low side onion tank

Final thoughts

Collapsible tanks are the ideal emergency water containers. You can easily set up or empty and relocate it. Besides, you don’t have to worry about water contamination. The fabric and the top cover handle that. They are flexible and you can have them in your yard during harsh climatic conditions.