Advantages of Masonry

Advantages of Masonry

Masonry entails joining up single structured units into buildings using mortar. The materials that are mostly used in masonry include stone, brick and concrete. Most people around the world prefer using masonry because of the many benefits it offers. The following article will provide you with the main advantages of masonry construction.

The Benefits of Building with Masonry

Using masonry blocks provide several benefits, some of which have been provided below.

Protection from Fire

Concrete masonry helps protect the construction from fire and is recognized by the insurance and fire service industries. You can also ensure that your concrete masonry can resist fire by choosing the appropriate type of aggregate and using the right size of masonry units.

It Creates Durable Structures

Buildings constructed using masonry are permanent, solid and substantial. They provide a strong foundation for your building. When buildings are built using the proper reinforcement, it is not easy for them to be damaged by natural calamities such as earthquakes, wind, and floods.

Helps in Controlling Sound

Concrete masonry is good at controlling sound since it transmits less sound based on the wall size.

Energy Saving

Concrete masonry saves a lot of costs since it stores energy and reduces the ability for heat to pass through. That enables masonry constructions to be done without the need for added insulation. Through that, there is less consumption of energy and material cost. It also helps in improving the comfort of the living area.

Saves on Cost

When constructing buildings with not more than ten stories, using reinforced masonry can help save on the cost. When using masonry construction for buildings or walls, there is no need for labour and formwork costs. That is because there is no complication in using concrete masonry. Also, the maintenance cost of concrete masonry is affordable. The materials used in masonry are durable, which provides more savings for a long time.

Why You Should Use a Brick Supplier

clay brickThese days, more people prefer using traditional masonry construction because of the benefits it offers. If you decide to use masonry construction, you need to find an affordable brick supplier who will provide you with good quality bricks for the project. The Brickyard in South Wales is a leading paving and brick supplier that also provide a free brick matching service. Most individuals get more comfort in trying out the use of mortar and bricks for their various constructions. The brick matching service is ideal for renovation projects or house extensions.

Although clay bricks are used as the outer part of the construction, many prefer quarry stones as a substitute. Nowadays, traditional masonry has changed, bringing in several modern ways of the building which one can choose from. There has been a significant improvement in the materials, design and products used, contributing to better quality constructions.

The Masonry Construction Procedure

After excavating and installing foundations on the construction site, brick matching service providers erect the bricks on the outer and inner walls. The inner part of the construction supports the roof and the internal floors. It is made using concrete blocks that are placed on a mixture of cement and sand.

The outer skin is constructed using stone or bricks and can be finished using different products depending on one’s preferences and the design that you want to achieve. The outer and inner skins are then connected using some steel wall tiles. When constructing internal floors, you can opt to use composite timber, timber joists or any concrete system of your choice.

The roof is made of wood or truss. The internal finishes can be done after the roof construction is completed and the doors and windows are fitted. There should be proper concentration around all the openings of the structure so that there cannot be any heat loss or water getting in.

The Bottom Line

There are several benefits that homeowners can get from using masonry construction. Your home will get a better structure, become more aesthetically appealing and increase its value. Although there are several types of masonry constructions, the most used are stone, brick and concrete. Among the many uses of bricks, they are best when used for masonry construction.

When you decide to use masonry for your structure, you will need to find reliable service providers to provide you with high-quality construction and finishes. You should also choose a service provider that will cater for your needs depending on the size of your pocket. Masonry construction will provide you with many benefits, some of which have been discussed above. It will also provide you with a long-lasting construction that will help you save lots of bucks in the long run.