Planning for Summer: A Glass Veranda

Summer is an ideal time for you to spend your time outdoors. When at home, you might need to consider the best ways of extending your space. Having a veranda in your home can be a unique, beautiful addition. It can make your home feel and look sophisticated. Furthermore, the additional outdoor space will be ideal for summer and it can be an entertaining sport for your guests.

Glass Veranda Features

Before picking the veranda design you would like for your home, you need to consider the different features. This can help you pick an option that will best suit your home. Besides, it can ensure that you can have a unique look to your outdoors. In return, you can have an enjoyable summer spending time by the veranda. Here are all the different features to consider.


Having a modular glass veranda enables you to add to the installation over time. If you don’t have a large budget but you still want the best veranda, you can opt for something modular. With this, you can install the different components one at a time. With a modular glass veranda, you can work on slide-away glass doors, shade awnings, glass sides or even lighting at a later date.

Leg Posts

When thinking about a veranda, you also have to consider the leg posts. Some unique options can include half-round and square leg posts. Both of these options can offer you either a traditional or a contemporary style. Furthermore, you can opt to indent these leg posts, set them inwards, position them at the outermost corners or have a professional tailor them to your preference.

Veranda Shape

Looking through the shapes of different glass verandas can enable you to find a unique solution. More so, you can work with professionals to ensure that you can find the perfect design. They will have a solution for you as they will study your space and advice you on the best style and shape that will make you feel like you are on summer vacation. If not, you can as well tailor the veranda according to your needs. You can consider verandas that will be elegant and ideal for you to spend lots of your summer relaxing. Likewise, they ought to complement the shape of your home.

Colour Options

On the other hand, if you would like to add some individuality to the glass, you can look through the different colour options. This enables you to have some great colours for your veranda. It’s advisable to assess all the different colour options and pick one that will work with your preferred design. The colour makes your mind relax as you spend time on your veranda. Likewise, ensure that the colour option you find will be resistant to chipping, scratching or fading to avoid spending on maintenance.

Rainwater System

Before installing the veranda, always ensure that there is an integrated drainage system. This ensures that you can have a unique veranda and also prevent any flooding. Besides, having a drainage system ensures that you can know of the best water collection means. You can as well ensure that the drainage system is integrated or hidden inside the veranda framework.

Tinted or Clear Glass

When getting a glass veranda, you ought to consider combining functionality with beauty. Having tinted glass enables you to increase UV protection, soften bright lights while cooling the summer sun. opting to tint the glass can help you make a stylish statement. Furthermore, you can match the tint with the frames of your veranda.

Glass Veranda Installation

After figuring out all the different veranda features, you need to proceed to the installation. During this stage, you need to assess the size you would like and also figure out which space in your home will be ideal. Doing so enables you to begin the planning process of the veranda. More so, you can speak with some professionals to know the type of budget that you might be working with. Below are a few questions to ask.

How long will the installation take?

Designing, building and installing a quality veranda might take between six to eight weeks. However, you need to work with a professional to ensure that they walk you through the entire process. Besides, it enables them to take the necessary measurements and understand all your requirements. From this stage, you can communicate with the design team to ensure that you obtain the best veranda design.

What materials are the verandas made of?

Understanding the material of your veranda can help you discern whether it will be durable or not. For glass verandas, you will need a combination of toughened glass panels and an aluminium frame. You can also find some polycarbonate options but aluminium is the best material because it can offer a quality and stylish finish. Besides, it’s rust-resistant and durable.

Do you need planning permission?

The only time you might need planning permission for a veranda is if it’s more than 50% larger than your home. However, the normal size verandas won’t need any permission from the government. However, it’s advisable to assess your local laws to ensure that this is the case. This ensures that you will have a structure that’s within the stipulated laws.

Final Take

Having a unique veranda requires you to find a good design, pick out the necessary features and select a great professional. When doing all this, get to know the space that’s available for the veranda. This enables you to have ample time to plan with the professional. Besides, it also ensures that upon completion, you can have a great space to spend your time during the summer.